V for Very Interesting

Watched V for Vendetta on dvd with the lads last night, before delving into another game of beanie.

Not a movie I had ever expressed intent to watch, so I was suitably impressed. But what resounded with me were the themes that shone through…

For one, V indicates at one point that all the people need (to overthrow the regeime) is hope. Hope. That word again. And he was one man striving to bring hope.

We live in a world where hope is in short supply. May we be people who bring hope to the hopeless.

One thought on “V for Very Interesting

  1. I saw “V…” at the movies with a friend, and I, too, was “suitably impressed”. The dictator reminded me of a cross between Sadam and Fidel Castro (go figure). I guess what I’m trying to say is that I had this uncanny feeling, throughout the film, that I had seen the dictator dude somewhere before…

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