Who’s dissing my family?

I’ve been a part of lots of emerging/emergent/missional/”fresh expression” church discussions lately, and that much has been fantastic.

A few key statements come to mind as I collect my thoughts tonight after a rather frustrating two hour discussion.

1// I am passionate about church. I love this institution. For some reason, God has put within me a passion to see this church thing really worked out – to start grasping what it really is that we are all on about. I know that I am called to this cumbersome vehicle, and to put my effort into bringing life and change.

2// Church is not the most important thing. While I’m passionate to see “mission focused church” or “relevant church” or whatever, church is not our focus. Fresh expressions is not just another way of doing things “better”. Quite frankly, we will never do “church” better until we do “Jesus” better. I’m sick of talking church, and long to start to engage with this question of living the Jesus life.

3// Will people please stop dissing my family? Making fun of church is easy. Making fun of church is trendy. Making fun of church makes you sound intelligent and thoughtful and spiritual. But these are my brothers and sisters you are talking about (and I feel that in a very real sense). This is my family. This is me. I am church. This is the bride of Christ. I take church personally. Yes, we are a disheveled bride, but all the same…


2 thoughts on “Who’s dissing my family?

  1. Absolutely.I don’t know where the balance between talking and doing is, but I’m sure it’s more towards doing that where I am at present. However, I’m also inclined to be careful to not just jump on the latest bandwagon.As a wise old man told me once, the local church is all we have.I’m not sure that I agree with your assertion that good Christians make a good church, it’s a new ides to me and I’m giving it some thought.I enjoy making fun of church as much as any person living or dead. One reason is that I like to get some of own back. Church inflicts meetings and church services on me on a regular basis and that deserves at least the occasional roasting.I’m more inclined to tolerate complaints when I think the complainer has more motivation that just complaining. There are lots of complainers in the church (was that just a complaint?) but there are also people like yourself who want to help church be all that God intends it to be.Who says emergent? Do we really need more of these words?

  2. Also meetings can be frustrating when they don’t follow an agenda (even if there is one). Sometimes we think we a convening a meeting for a specific reason and God actually gives us a pastoral opportunity.

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