Advertising Jesus

Just reflecting on the Wynton Marsalis iPod advertisement…

A review at a Jazzportraits blog makes a very interesting point that actually the advertisement does a better job at advertising Jazz music than it does of advertising.

…It’s a VERY compelling spot for jazz. It doesn’t present jazz as some dusty relic, it present jazz as hip, fun and exciting. And it’s not the typical uber chic image that other companies try to portray when marketing their products with jazz. It’s a little bit gritty, down to earth and accessible. And most attempts of merging jazz and “music videos” have been quite horrible as well. Leave it to Apple and their seemingly “midas touch” in marketing to make jazz releavent and hip.

Seeing as I’m sitting in a church office, I couldn’t help but turn my reflection, to wondering how well the advertisements of our lives “advertise” Jesus, even inadvertabtly. Do we present our faith as a “dusty relic”, or do we demonstrate something that is compelling, accessible and relevant?

Maybe I am grasping at straws here…

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