London 2006

Back here in London. Better summarise the highlights of my journey so far…

THURSDAY – Set the alarm clock for an early rise. Dad picked me up just after 7 and we headed through heavy traffic to Wellington Airport. Got to the checkin counter and was unable to be booked in due to an ‘issue’ with my ticket.

Rang the travel agent, went to the ticketing counter, and finally got things sorted.

The flight to Singapore was wonderful. Very empty, so I had an exit row all to myself. Bliss!

Arrived half an hour early, and went straight through immigration and bagagge claim with no delay. Then had to wait 45 minutes for my pickup!

Went with Julia out to some markets where we had satay kebabs for dinner, then were unable to hail a taxi home. Eventually toook a bus, and settled into the appartment.

Great sleep.

FRIDAY – Woke at 9am, and headed off to the Singapore Alpha Office via Starbucks for a 10am meeting. Met with Lucilla and team until lunch, then with Julia after launch.

A short visit to Funan Technology Mall before heading back to the office where Judy took us out to dinner at a wonderful banana leaf indian restaurant.

SATURDAY – Woke and headed off to the airport (again, via Starbucks). No problems with checkin this time. Bought a black 30gig iPod, and sat around filling it with music from my laptop until my flight was boarding.

The flight was a nightmare – total contrast to the Auckland-Singapore leg. Completely booked, and so we were all squeezed in. I didn’t sleep at all. Arrived at Heathrow where we had to wait for a gate, queue for immigration and still had to wait for our bags.

Took the tube out to Matt Costley’s place at Tooting and settled in. Great to arrive.

SUNDAY – Headed in to the 9.30am church service with Matt. Nicky Gumbel spoke on the Environment and Tim Hughes led worship. Sat in with the younger youth during the 11am service which I enjoyed.

Went with the team off to Sainsburys to grab some lunch, then back to the office to eat and work on Powerpoint slides for the Youth Alpha conference.

Headed across to the 5pm service which was fantastic. Al Gordon and band (and chori, and string quartet) led worship. Might post some thoughts on the changes there later on…

Spent some time in the cafe after church, then headed off to the movies afterwards.

Slept well.

MONDAY – Matt’s day off so we slept in, heading in to work at 1:30pm. I went for a walk through Hyde Park and off in search of some shops. Bought a couple of CD’s and a DVD. Found the Apple store and watched some inept presentations.

Back to the office, then in to a flat where we had been invited for dinner. Roast lamb, scolloped potatoes, salad, wine and ice cream. Fantastic.

Lots of friendly birthday text messages from friends. Thanks.

TUESDAY – Up at 6am in order to get to the 7am prayer meeting.

And here I am…

Birthday text count: 16

Off now to meet up with a guy to talk about a seminar that we are doing together.

Lots of love all. Miss you heaps…

3 thoughts on “London 2006

  1. ah crap. i remembered when it was your b’day here, but not yet there. i planned to txt you. here is your delayed txt:Party Party Party Suck Bite Suck Bite.Happy Birthday!

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