Deliriously tired

Sometimes in life you just have to do mad things…

Yesterday was no exception. Group of us drove to Parachute (6.5 hour drive) to hear Delirious play last night, then straight home afterwards, getting back to Tawa at 6am. Enough time for a recovery nap, and here I am at work at 9am.

So was it worth it?

Every minute.

Delirious are truly a quality musical act, and their live show is impressive if nothing else. However, Martin Smith has more than the average frontman… he has the ability to lead a crowd prophetically, and draw them into the presence of God.

How does that happen? I’m not sure. Maybe it is just anointing, maybe it is humility, maybe something else.

But I know that it is something very special.

And that it is from God.

And that today I am tired.

Thank you Jesus for crazy adventures.

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