My church

Sam says it good…

Would you like to be part of a missional, cranking community that is sick of candy-floss Christianity but wants to be real and relevant followers of Jesus? Are you wondering about a bigger church, but realise that you will probably find it difficult to contribute in a meaningful way? Do you love worship, good teaching, and strong community? Are you passionate about social action and missional activities? Maybe the splinter community is for you.

Splinter is a youth community, part of the Anglican churches of Karori. It has a café style service every Sunday night where the tribe gathers to worship. During the week there are life groups for those in tertiary study and working, and a high school youth program on Wednesday nights. We also are involved in activities such as food collections for the city mission, free car washes (just to bless people ☺) hip hop open mic nights once a month, we run kick butt concerts a couple of times in the year as well as camps for youth around Wellington.

If you are part of our community you will be expected to be active in using the gifts God has given you in some way. Whether that is as a leader in the high school ministry, helping with the social action team, in the worship team or in the many other different ministries that we run.

The best thing about the splinter crew is that mischief will happen, and good times will be had, and God will be right in the middle of it.
Night Service: 7pm @ St Philips Church, 417 Karori rd
Contact the youth office at (04) 476 8979

Tell you what, I like being a part of a church like that.

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