Kuala Lumpur

The JW Marriott is a very nice hotel.

Apparently the LW Marriott is the nicest hotel in Kuala Lumpur. When I arrived at the hotel last night, people took my luggage. People opened the doors of the car for me. People pushed the button on the list for me. People delivered my luggage to my room. And at 10pm a lady arrived at my door to turn down my bed.

Never had a lady knock at my door to turn me down before…

The trip to KL was fairly uneventful. Highlight was teh taxi driver to the airpoint having really long hairs growing out of the mole near his left ear. I mean REALLY long hairs. I wanted to grab them to straighten them out so I could measure them, but I swear that the longest one would have reached 15cm. A great effort. Not sure if it was such a fashion statement though.

Opening day of meetings has gone well. Must head downstairs ot for dinner and then our prayer meeting.

Haven’t seen any Koala’s yet.

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