Singapore with no Vidcast

Hey there peoples.

I’m in Sinagpore!

Good flight yesterday. Had an exit row seat which was a treat. Didn’t sleep, but got to watch Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (depp is great), two simpsons episodes, one episode of Little Britain, one epidose of Who’s Line is it Anyway (US version), and listen to a collection of short stories. Also completed 24 Soduku puzzles. I ate the Penne Pasta and the Chicken.

Staying with the Andersons again. Last time Rich (the father) was the only one here, but this time the whole family is present. In an hour or so I will probably head off to Funang technology market to feed the inner geek, maybe find that other mall with the supermarket and great Christian CD store.

Flying out at 5pm to KL.

Cheers big ears.

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