Burn Camp +7

Had Burn Camp last weekend. Had a bizzare time.

I was down to do two of the talks – Friday and Sunday nights. Big role. I went in with trepidation, slightly under-prepared, but still very clear on what I was going to say.

Left work last Friday on the dot of five, and got to Otaki at 7:30 (not surprisingly slow, but not a land speed record). Later than I should have arrived with thanks to good hindsight.

Arrived to a hug from Rosemary (yay!), registered, and was told “they need you in there”. Went inside to get the projector working just as the evening begun. Managed to get a little head-space in during the worship time before I was told that my help was needed with the projector again.

Eventually got up to speak and had a shocker. I wasn’t clear, I couldn’t find my way and I effectively died on my feet. I found my own talk confusing and boring.

What was the problem?

(A) Poor planning and preparation
(B) Arriving at camp too late
(C) Being in a poor headspace
(D) Trying to do it in my own strength

All of the above.

Who can I blame? Me.

I felt terrible afterwards. Wanted to go home. Certainly didn’t want to face 100 uninspired campers. Fortunately the Strike team pulled around me and gave me good support. Yay for friends in our hour of need.

Anyway, I puckered up, and had agreat camp. Was lovely to be at a camp where I really didn’t have a big “role” (such as being the tech guy or whatever). Ran the canteen. Squirted the waterslide. Got wet.

My Sunday night talk was a big improvement. Thanks to a resolution of all the factors mentioned above, and to the face that we have an amazing God who offers grace to the likes of me, I had some semblance of clarity and confidence.

What did I learn?

(1) My brain needs time and space. Surprise, surprise. I’ve always known this, I just need to make sure my actions and preparation reflect it.

(2) I need to be clear in my preparation. Keep it simple.

(3) God loves me heaps.

(4) Know the audience before you stand up to speak.

(5) I don’t want to do that again.

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