2 thoughts on “Bono says it straight

  1. Good grief – that interview provides a model lesson for us all in how to communicate the gospel with humility, honesty and power.Reading it made me think…..the difference between someone like Bono, and someone like (for example) Brian Tamaki (who communicates the gospel by loading his gospel machine gun and assaulting the public with a spray of bible bullets), is that Bono is operating IN the world (speaking to a rock journalist), but in a way that is not worldly (by telling the gospel STORY and letting it’s power sink into and change the hearer), whereas Brian Tamaki and others like him operate in a worldly way (ie by using big talk and political power to try to MAKE people conform) but from within the safety of their own artificial fantasy worlds (where the Bible is an instruction manual for success and the church has the right to tell non-christians what they can and can’t do).Thanks for posting this Chris! It’s made my day!

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