London 2012

These Londoners are just crazy about the fact that they won the olympic hosting. Like hugging and crying and great waving of hands in the air. All for the right to spend 10 billion pounds in organising a sporting event. And possibly the victory of beating the french in something…

Had a good couple of days. Monday night met cousin Nancy for dinner. Was supposed to be joined by cousins John and Geoff too, but they got caught up at work. Good evening.

Tuesday did some laundry (yay!) and went up to visit with Si Jones in north London. Si was the initial developer of Youth Alpha and a top bloke. Upon arrival back, had dinner with John (rescheduled) with his fiancee and another Lower Hutt lad who had just flown in. Had some nice indian food, and somehow John managed to end the night with quite a bit of his meal on the table. Good to catch up.

Wednesday I had a meeting at HTB talking databases and IT requirements, then headed up to Watford where I met with Mike Pilavachi. Mike was great and showed me around the church and offices, gave me some resources then ewe went for lunch

Time is running out

flying now

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