London – 10,002

Hmmm…. so these updates aren’t coming as qiockly as planned.

Actually, it’s been a while between internet checks. Hard to believe it has been a whole week – probably a reflection fo how busy things have been.

Monday today, and I am sitting here at Matt Costley’s desk, taking advantage of the HTB hospitality and free internet. Not sure where Matt is – perhaps there is progress on the baby front.

So, what’s been up?

Alpha International week was great. Lots of great people, great conversations, and very worthwhile. A few funky Russian Orthodox bishop types were special guests.

Friday night I headed off on the train to the sleepy town of Horsham (think ‘Paekakariki’) where delirious were playing. A great gig and well worth the effort. Heard a couple of new songs – one was the first public performance. (For future reference, the chorus was “now is the time for us to shine; shine with the ?????????? of ?????? devine; no compromise…. now is the time”) The other song had some reference to painting the town red with the blood of Jesus. Good sound.

Had meetings Saturday, and that seemed to be the best plan as London was pretty gridlocked with Live8 and a gay pride parade. Watched the end of Live8 on television which was great.

Bit of a memory was seeing a guy sanding outside a pub in broad daylight, drinking his pint and simultaneously urinating on the footpath. Who says men can’t multitask?

Yesterday (Sunday) headed off to Peckham Rye and went to church with James Durbin. He seems to be well and is gearing up to head away. Then did two evening services at HTB and helped set up a dvd recorder and general technical support. Once again not back to my billet until after midnight.

Today I have been helping the team set up the church at HTB for the Marriage Party. I was responsible for polishing the plates and setting out the knives and forks. It looks really good.

That will do you for now.

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