London Again

Sitting here in the Youth and Students conference at HTB, the sun is shining outside and life is going well.

Went to church twice yesterday separated by lunch at the Gumbels. How lovely. Evening church the speaker was Father RM (no way I can spell his name) but he is the preacher to the Pope and a bit of a preaching superstar in Italy. Was very good. The worship rocked too. (Dave Clifton led)

Conference started officially today but I have attended very little of official business. Have had a few international meetings, and did a presentation with Matt Wild, the Youth Alpha people here to a stuffy room full of sleepy people. Managed to inject a bit of life, so think we had success.

Thanks to those of you (Matt and HJ) who have sent me your news and greetings. Always good to hear – Matt, I’m looking forward to that pizza and swim when I return. Perhaps we might even spash out and go the full hog with P&I too.

So wonderful to see you…. (in a fake british accent)

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