London – Day One

Flight from Hong Kong to London was a mixture of fustration, enjoyment and pain… Had an aisle seat thankfully, but still had my knees jammed into the back of another seat for 13 hours. Some clever seat designer never thought that the back of seats need to be padded, and they shouldn’t have any sharp or hard edges.

Onboard entertainment was good…. had an “on demand” system so that you could choose movies, tv programmes, radio, audio books etc. Saw a couple of eposodes of “Little Britain” which is classic comedy. Plenty of late night drinks of water and juice, and it felt like many hours trying to discover a comfortable sitting position. There isn’t one.

Arrived London early at about 5am. Got through immigration and customs (not very difficult) and made my way by tube to my host’s place. At this stage it was still 6:50, so I sat in the local park for 40 minutes, waiting for a more appropriate hour to arrive at a strangers place.

Arrived, showered, talked, and headed off for a walk. (Obviously no point in hanging around). Found a pub to watch the second half of the rugby. Disappointing performance by the Lions. Had good discussion about sport and rugby with a british guy. He hafd hardly had any sleep, and severely regretted getting up specifically to watch the game. Thankfully, my hours listening to Radio Sport paid off and I was able to maintain reasonable conversation.

Continued walking and found an easyInternetCafe where I could do this web thing. Is now 11:30am, but my body tells me it is lunch time. Guess that happens when you get given breakfast at 4am!

So will sign off here. Sorry this post has been purely informative and not revealing. Will try and find something lazy to do today I think as I’m pretty tired. Early night.

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