Words and phrases that rhyme with chris

Thanks to http://rhyme.poetry.com

1 syllable:
bis, biss, bliss, brys, buice, chris’, chriss, cris, criss, cysts, dis, diss, fis, fiss, flis, fliss, hiss, kis, kiss, kniss, kris, kriss, lis, liss, lists, mis, miss, piss, pris, riss, risse, rys, sis, stys, suess, suisse, swiss, this, this’, twiss, vis, wis, wiss, wyss

2 syllables:
abyss, amiss, assists, at this, brown swiss, consists, deep kiss, dismiss, does this, enlists, exists, fariss, french kiss, furniss, insists, in this, of this, on this, persists, phariss, remiss, resists, scotch kiss, soul kiss, the swiss

3 syllables:
alusuisse, candy kiss, chocolate kiss, parti pris, preexists, reminisce

4 syllables:
molasses kiss

6 syllables:
oceanic abyss

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