To have a dream

Been listening to many of the memorable speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. What a gifted orator! As he spoke, the words came out like poetry. How many long hours did he spend carefully wordsmithing his prose? In comparison, so many of our efforts at communication are pure laziness, and laziness to that degree must surely represent a disrespect for our audience and overconfidence on our part.

But more than just the inspired (and perspired) communication style, more was the heart behind the words. Words of justice, words of challenge. Words that say that love is always greater than hate. Words that say that true love might hurt. Words that tell us that to truly and honestly live this life won’t be easy.

“I have a dream…. I’ve been to the mountaintop…” Have I a dream for justice? Have I a vision for how this world should be? Have I any idea of what Jesus was trying to tell us 2000 years ago? Have I a glimmer of what it truly means when I ask “your kingdom come”?

Perhaps if I really caught that dream, I wouldn’t settle for the laziness, short-sightedness and sin that dominates my life now.

Lord, give me a dream. Take me to the mountaintop. Your kingdom come.

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