Components of "Church"

I’m not sure I have any deep theological or historical backing for this, but think I have three basic components that I would consider necessary for a gathering of christians to look like what I expect a “church service” to be.

The gathering should have some component of “feeding” component. Traditionally this is the teaching/sermon slot. This should always have application to the life of the invididual and the community.

Time of engaging spiritually with God. This is probably through prayer, worship, reflections, communion etc. Care should be taken however that this is not just a “looking inside ourselves” time, but a time of entering into the courts of the King. This should be honest and engaging.

Community business
Stuff that keeps us working together as a community. Notices, coffee etc. Engagement in conversation. An effective church should have dynamic conversation (and good coffee).

From what I can see, all the parts of what I call “church” can fit into these three headings. I guess the next question is, are these just my cultural experiences, or is this actually a justified necessity of weekly Christian gatherings?

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