And so it begins

2:00 am January 1 2004.

Whoever imagined that this day would come? I think back to summerwine last year. A camp of toil and struggles for me. But amidst it a challenge – would i be willing to leave my burden and just sit at Jesus’ feet for a year? It is time for a sabbatical year.

Working that through has been a huge struggle. What would people think? How would people cope? Would everything go down the toilet? Beyond that lie bigger questions – would my relationship with God cope outside the impetus of leadership? So much of my relationship with God has been the bi-product of needing to get right with God because of a talk that I was preparing, a worship time I was preparing, I group I have been leading.

When all that is stripped away, what would be left?

I cannot say that the buildup to 2004 has been good spiritually. Good intentions have flown out the sash window of my bedroom, and my focus of late has not been of a godly inclination. Please forgive me Lord. Where are those prayer times? Where is the regular delves into the Word? If I’m like this already, how will I be coping in November?

I need Your help Lord.

It’s funny really. Chris – the man with all the answers, all the solutions. I know what I should be doing. And by the grace of God, people have been putting that into action. But I’m not doing it. So what would I suggest?

(1) develop a daily habbit. Regular time, regular place

(2) follow a plan. Not just the old random bible flick.

So what do I see as I look forward to 2004? With my spiritual eyes on, I look forward with anticipation. God has been lining up something. So many people are being realigned into faithfully obediant positions of uncertainty. What’s happening Lord?

Lord, in so many ways, I am excited by what lies ahead. I don’t know what it is, but help me to be faithful. Also, help me not to abandon today’s task for the sake of what is to come. That I would feed the hungry, pray for and care for the sick, befriend the lonely.


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